Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse
Walton Lighthouse
Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse, also known as Walton Lighthouse, is a lighthouse in California, United States, on the Santa Cruz Harbor. It is known as Walton Lighthouse because Charles Walton, a local businessman, contributed a significant part of the cost in memory of his late brother Derek Walton, who was a merchant seaman. The Walton lighthouse was built in 2001 with donations including $60,000 from Charles Walton.

From the place you park you cannot see the Lighthouse. You need to walk to the breakwater for the harbor and walk on the breakwater near to the end where the lighthouse is. The temperature does not change much at all between the parking lot and the lighthouse.

Check the weather at Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse

You can get to the lighthouse by walking on the breakwater.

Off in the water to the side were a group of Pelicans on some kind of metal in the water

There is a warning sign on the breakwater to enter at your own risk
Dangerous breaking waves can wash over the jetty cap at any time

Another look at the lighthouse in the distance as we walked on the breakwater

We are getting a little closer to the lighthouse

I am standing in front of the lighthouse with my camera gear for my Lighthouse Trek to this lighthouse
(my trophy catch shot)

This is the back side of the lighthouse. The inside is not open to the public

The breakwater is designed to break the waves on the ocean before entering the harbor where the boats are docked
The lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbor.

Travel Directions:
Highway 1 in Santa Cruz becomes Mission Street. A little ways north of Highway 17 Junction look for Ocean Street.
Take Ocean St. south (toward the ocean), for one half mile.
Turn Left on Water St. for 0.6 miles.
Turn Right on Seabright Ave. for 1.2 miles.
Turn Left on Atlantic Ave. and follow it to the end.
Follow the sidewalk to the breakwater.