Point Pinos Lighthouse
On the Monterey Peninsula
Pacific Grove, California

The name Punta de los Pinos translated to "Point of the Pines", an appropriate designation for the thickly wooded northern tip of the Monterey Peninsula where the pines grew almost to the water's edge.

Point Pinos is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast. Since February 1, 1855, its beacon has flashed nightly as a guide and warning to shipping off the rocky California Coast. Alcatraz Island Lighthouse preceded Point Pinos by 8-months, but the original Alcatraz Lighthouse was replaced in 1909 as a result of the expanding military prison.

The lens is a third order Fresnel manufactured in France in 1853. The first light source was a whale oil lantern; lard oil soon replaced whale oil, and in turn was replaced by kerosene in 1880. At the turn of the century, an incandescent vapor lamp was used, followed by electric lights in 1919. From 1912 to 1940 a falling weight mechanism rotated a metal shield around the beam to be cut off seaward to create the flash signature of 20-seconds on and 10-seconds off.

The present light source, located 89 feet above sea level, is a 1000 watt bulb, which is amplified by the lenses and prisms to produce a 50,000 candlepower beam visible under favorable conditions up to 17 miles offshore. The present light signature is 3-seconds on and 1-second off.

Parking is very close to the lighthouse so it is easy to determine what warm clothing to wear.

Check the weather at Point Pinos Lighthouse

Operating hours for Point Pinos Lighthouse

Goals for 2007 – 20012

· RE ROOFING: Cost estimated: $52,000 Proposed for September 2008
· REPAINTING: Cost estimated: $89,000 Proposed for September 2010
· WINDOW REHABILITATION: Cost estimated: $86,000 Proposed for September 2012

Pacific Grove Proudly took official ownership of Point Pinos Lighthouse in August of 2006. The Point Pinos Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast since February 1, 1855. Its most famous keeper was Mrs. Emily Fish, who served from 1893 to 1914. She was called the ‘socialite keeper’ due to her love for entertaining guests at the Lighthouse.

Here are a few Pictures of the outside of the Lighthouse

The Lantern Room

As you enter the Lighthouse there are Docent's to greet you
to request you sign the guest book and to give you literature

You are free to take a self guided tour of the lighthouse

In its beginning it was not plumbed for gas or electricity
They did their cooking in the kitchen on a wood burning stove

The days would sometime get long sitting in the living room
they would keep entertained by playing the piano

This is a Fresnel lens that is on display in the lighthouse

The Lighthouse has a basement and an upstairs, we are going upstairs now

Here we have the communications center. They have recorded conversations playing for you to listen to

The bedroom and sink nearby

Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course has been built around the lighthouse.
This is looking out the upstairs window of the lighthouse

We are now heading back downstairs and outside.

Here are a couple more views of Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Coarse that goes around the lighthouse.

In hopes that someday you are able to visit Point Pinos Lighthouse.

Travel Directions:
From HWY-1 in Monterey take the HWY-68 exit West
HWY-68 will become Holms HWY, then Forest Ave.
Turn Left on Lighthouse Ave.
Turn Right on Asilomar Blvd.
Turn left into the Lighthouse entrance.
The Lighthouse is located on the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Coarse Links.