A Spiritual reflection of the lighthouse

The Sea is full of wonder and splendor, it is so soothing to lay back and hear it, as its waves roll onto shore, I can lay for hours listening to it, and it has a calming effect as all the troubles of the world momentarily vanish into the whhhoooossshhh of the waves.

To sail atop the Sea is nothing short of spectacular, at times it seems so calm, so gentle, so peaceful, you can lay back and drift off to sleep and feel so at peace. But yet it also possesses such enormous strength it can toss a large ship as though it is made of paper. The sea has earned the respect of the most experienced sailors around. They know her strength, her awesome power.

Lining the boundaries of the sea is the lighthouse; it serves as a warning to those who sail upon its surface. No matter how calm it may seem, no matter how soothing it may be, no matter how peaceful it may appear below the surface of the waters lay dangers that can sink the ship.

As we look at life, we are in a sea of life, at times it is clam and peaceful, and it is at times rough and full of danger. Beneath its surface lay dangers we can not see, the lighthouse serves as warning, no matter how good our life may be, no matter how peaceful it may appear, no matter how secure we may feel, there is a danger that lay beneath its surface. We need to focus our attention on the lighthouse; we need to be caught up in the true light that gives guidance in this world.

Jesus says:
"I am the light of the world;
he who follows Me shall not walk in the darkness,
but shall have the light of life."
John 8:12