Point Hueneme Lighthouse
(Pronounced 'why-nee-mee')

Approximately fifty miles north of Los Angeles.
In 1874 a lighthouse was established to guide shipping through the Santa Barbara Channel which runs between the California coast and the Channel Islands.

The lighthouse seen now at Point Hueneme is not the original historic lighthouse. The old historic Point Hueneme Lighthouse was purchased to be used by a Yacht Club and was neglected for many years until it was eventually torn down and the new lighthouse was built.

The Point Hueneme Lighthouse has a forth order Fresnel lens to guide ships.

Check the weather at Point Hueneme Lighthouse

Traveling from Santa Barbara on Highway 101 south.
1.) Take the Highway 1 exit toward Oxnard.
2.) Take the Saviers Road exit travel south until it ends.
3.) Make a right turn onto Hueneme Road for 1 mile.
4.) Turn left on Ventura Road to the end.
5.) Turn right on Surfside Drive.
6.) There is paid parking along the street. If you park along the ocean side of the street begin walking the direction of the back of the vehicle, (North).
7.) (Note: walk along the street, not on the sand along the ocean. There is a rock embankment and soon waves will come all the way up to the embankment and will be crashing on the rocks; so stay up alongside the road).

Traveling North from San Diego follow Interstate 5 North.
1.) Take Highway 1 North through Los Angeles and keep going north, follow the rest of the directions as outlined previously from numbers (2-7).

Entrance to lighthouse is via the Lighthouse Promenade which begins at the Flag Plaza on Surfside Drive (near intersection of Surfside Drive and Ventura Road in the City of Port Hueneme).
Hueneme Plaza Fags
The Promenade walk (flat surface) is approximately 1/2 mile to the lighthouse gate.

Point Hueneme
Walking down the road toward the lighthouse.

On the road to the lighthouse
Getting a little closer, this is the view you will see of the lighthouse.

As you can see from the prior pictures there was some construction going on to get to the lighthouse when we were there. We have been notified by the City of Port Hueneme in conjunction with the Oxnard Harbor District (operators of the Port/Harbor) has notified us that the construction has been recently completed the pedestrian pathway from the Port Hueneme beach/Wharf Plaza to the lighthouse. The "Lighthouse Promenade" as it is aptly named, runs parallel to the port fence on the seashore. It is a 1/2-mile stroll on flat terrain offering visitors an enjoyable stroll to the lighthouse. They have updated their website at huenemelight.org to reflect the new access to the lighthouse. We have updated our webpage accordingly per the information they have provided us. The lighthouse is open on the third Saturday of each month, February thru October from 10 am to 3pm., admission is free.

A few pictures of the Lighthouse.
Point Hueneme

Point Hueneme

Point Hueneme
Here you can see the fourth order Fresnel lens
You also can see the emergency backup light in the event of loss of power.

Point Hueneme

Take a virtual tour of Point Hueneme Lighthouse
given by USCG Aux member Norm Bundek: