Point Arena Lighthouse
Located in Point Arena, California

The Point Arena tower is one of the only Pacific West coast lighthouses of significant height (115 feet). The signature of Point Arena Lighthouse is a double flash every 6 seconds.

For those who want to spend more time by the sea, you can stay in comfortable accommodations in their historic keepers' home vacation rentals which are available year round. RV and motorhome parking are available.

There is a fee to enter near the lighthouse, but it is worth it just to be able to drive in and park right at the lighthouse and then determine if you need to put on a sweater or not.

When we were there, they were getting ready to begin work on restoring the lighthouse to be operational once again. Starting on the week of September 20th, 2004 at which point they will no longer allow tours up the Spiral stairs in the lighthouse. That is a bummer, but the good side is the original lighthouse will be working once again.

Check the weather at Point Arena Lighthouse

This is a long climb up the spiral stairs

The light in the lighthouse is magnified by a first order fresnel lense.

A view from the top of the lighthouse, inside looking down.

looking out from the top of the lighthouse.