Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse
(Angel's Gate)

Angel’s Gate lighthouse is the only lighthouse of its kind built in California. It stands 73-feet tall and has a steel frame; the first two floors are steel plated to withstand the heavy seas. The light was first lit on March 1, 1913. It used a fourth order Fresnel lens that flashed once every 15 seconds. The original Fresnel lens was removed and the lighthouse automated in 1973 and today it only flashes at night.

The original Fresnel lens is displayed in San Pedro's Los Angeles Maritime Museum.

Driving Directions
Take Interstate 110 south to the end.
At the end of 110 the lanes will make a left turn, follow the turn left you are now on Gaffey St.
Turn left (L) on 21st Street about 1.5 miles from the end of 110.
Turn right (R) on Pacific Ave. for 1 mile.
Turn left (L) on Stephen M White Dr. and stay left into Cabrillo Beach Park, where you can park near the right side and follow the breakwater to the lighthouse.
The inside of the lighthouse is not open to the public.
If access onto the breakwater is not permitted you can always walk to the end of the Fishing Pier where you can see the lighthouse. However, for photos from the pier a long lens on your camera is advised.
Either way; on the breakwater or on the Fishing Pier it is a pretty good walk, but the temperature remains about the same so you can decide from the car if warmer clothing is needed.

Check the weather at Los Angeles Harbor Lighthouse

Angel's Gate
You can see the breakwater on each side of the opening into the Harbor.

Here are a couple pictures taken by my sister Sharon
Picture by my sister Sharon
Angel's Gate Lighthouse

Fishing Boat at Angel's Gate
A Fishing Boat at the enterance to Angel's Gate.

Angel's Gate
Close-up of Angel's Gate Lighthouse