American Airlines Flight 77
Passenger List
Boeing 757 enroute from Dulles Airport outside Washington to LAX

Charles Burlingame, Age: 51, captain, American Airlines
David M. Charlebois, Age: 39, first officer, American Airlines
Michele Heidenberger, Age: 57, flight attendant, American Airlines
Jennifer Lewis, Age: 38, flight attendant, American Airlines
Kenneth Lewis, Age: 49, flight attendant, American Airlines
Renee A. May, Age: 39, flight attendant, American Airlines

Paul Ambrose, Age: 32
Yeneneh Betru, Age: 35
Bernard Curtis Brown II, Age: 11
Suzanne Calley, Age: 42
William E. Caswell, Age: 54
Sarah Clark, Age: 65
Asia Cottom, Age: 11
Daniel Debeuneure, Age: 58
Name: Rodney Dickens, Age: 11
Eddie Dillard
Charles Droz, Age: 52
Barbara G. Edwards, Age: 58
Charles S. Falkenberg, Age: 45
Dana Falkenberg, Age: 3
Zoe Falkenberg, Age: 8
James Joe Ferguson, Age: 39
Darlene Flagg, Age: 63
Wilson Flagg, Age: 63, retired Navy Admiral and pilot, American Airlines
Richard P. Gabriel Sr., Age: 54
Ian J. Gray, Age: 55
Stanley Hall, Age: 68
Bryan Jack, Age: 48
Steven D. Jacoby, Age: 43
Mary Jane (MJ) Booth, Age: 64, secretary to American Airlines' general manager at Dulles International Airport
Ann Judge, Age: 49
Chandler Keller, Age: 29
Yvonne Kennedy, Age: 62
Norma Khan, Age: 45
Karen A. Kincaid, Age: 40
Dong Lee, Age: 48
Dora Menchaca, Age: 45
Christopher Newton, Age: 38
Barbara Olson, Age: 45
Ruben Ornedo, Age: 39,
Robert Penninger, Age: 63
Robert R. Ploger III, Age: 59
Lisa J. Raines, Age: 42
Todd Reuben, Age: 40
John Sammartino, Age: 37
Diane Simmons
George Simmons
Mari-Rae Sopper, Age: 35
Robert Speisman, Age: 47
Norma Lang Steuerle, Age: 54
Hilda E. Taylor, Age: 62
Leonard Taylor, Age: 44
Sandra Teague, Age: 31
Leslie A. Whittington, Age: 45
John D. Yamnicky Sr., Age: 71
Vicki C. Yancey, Age: 43
Shuyin Yang, Age: 61
Yuguang Zheng, Age: 65

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