American Airlines Flight 11
Passenger List
Boeing 767 en route from Boston's Logan Airport to Los Angeles International

John Ogonowski, Age: 52, captain, American Airlines
Thomas F. McGuinness Jr., Age: 42, first officer, American Airlines
Barbara Jean Ares Tegui, Age: 38, flight attendant, American Airlines
Jeffrey Collman, Age: 41, flight attendant, American Airlines
Sara Low, Age: 28, flight attendant, American Airlines
Karen A. Martin, Age: 40, flight attendant, American Airlines
Kathleen Ann Nicosia, Age: 54, flight attendant, American Airlines
Betty Ann Ong, Age: 45, flight attendant, American Airlines
Jean Roger, Age: 24, flight attendant, American Airlines
Dianne Bulls Snyder, Age: 42, flight attendant, American Airlines
Madeline Sweeney, Age: 35, flight attendant, American Airlines

Anna Williams Allison, Age: 48
David Lawrence Angell, Age: 54
Lynn Edwards Angell, Age: 52
Seima Aoyama, Age: 48
Myra Joy Aronson, Age: 50
Christine Barbuto, Age: 32
Carolyn Beug, Age: 48
Kelly Ann Booms, Age: 24
Carol Marie Bouchard, Age: 43
Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey, Age: 32
Jeffrey W. Coombs, Age: 42
Zandra Cooper Brian P. Dale, Age: 43
David DiMeglio, Age: 22
Donald Americo DiTullio, Age: 49
Alberto Dominguez, Age: 66
Paige Farley-Hackel, Age: 46
Alexander Milan Filipov, Age: 70
Carol Flyzik, Age: 40
Paul Friedman, Age: 45
Karleton D.B. Fyfe, Age: 31
Peter Alan Gay, Age: 54
Linda M. George, Age: 27
Edmund Glazer, Age: 41
Lisa Reinhart Fenn Gordenstein, Age: 41
Andrew Peter Charles Curry Green, Age: 34
Peter Hashem, Age: 40
Robert Jay Hayes, Age: 38
Edward (Ted) R. Hennessy Jr., Age: 35
John A. Hofer, Age: 45
Cora Hidalgo Holland, Age: 52
John Nicholas Humber Jr., Age: 60
Waleed Iskandar, Age: 34
John Charles Jenkins, Age: 45
Charles E. Jones, Age: 48
Robin Kaplan, Age: 33
Barbara Keating, Age: 72
David Kovalcin, Age: 42
Judy Larocque, Age: 50
N. Janis Lasden, Age: 46
Daniel John Lee, Age: 34
Daniel C. Lewin, Age: 31
Susan A. MacKay, Age: 44
Christopher D. Mello, Age: 25
Jeffrey Peter Mladenik, Age: 43
Antonio Montoya, Age: 46
Carlos Alberto Montoya, Age: 36
Laura Lee Morabito, Age: 34
Mildred Naiman, Age: 81
Laurie Ann Neira, Age: 48
Renee Lucille Newell, Age: 37, customer service agent, American Airlines
Jacqueline J. Norton, Age: 61
Robert Grant Norton, Age: 85
Jane Orth, Age: 49
Thomas Nicholas Pecorelli, Age: 30
Berinthia Berenson Perkins, Age: 53
Sonia Morales Puopolo, Age: 61
David E. Retik, Age: 33
Philip M. Rosenzweig, Age: 47
Richard Barry Ross, Age: 58
Jessica Leigh Sachs, Age: 23
Rahma Salie, Age: 28
Heather Lee Smith, Age: 30
Douglas J. Stone, Age: 54
Xavier Suarez, Age: 41
Michael Theodoridis, Age: 32
James Anthony Trentini, Age: 65
Mary Barbara Trentini, Age: 67
Pendyala Vamsikrishna, Age: 30
Mary Wahlstrom, Age: 75
Kenneth Waldie, Age: 46
John Wenckus, Age: 46
Candace Lee Williams, Age: 20
Christopher Rudolph Zarba Jr., Age: 47

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